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Adaptable Plate Carrier (APC) Description

The Adaptable Plate Carrier (APC) fills the need for a low profile easy Don & Doff carrier, without reduced real estate, that also allows maximum adaptability to the fluid tactical environment.

The single layer shoulder straps offer great agility and are fully adjustable, including trap-arch angle adjustment, giving the operator the pieces necessary to achieve the best fit possible, reducing battlefield fatigue and unnecessary strain on the shoulders, all while featuring one of the lowest profile attachment methods on the market.

The APC comes with multiple cummerbunds increasing the adaptability of the platform to suit different tasks and threat levels. Ranging from a single strap to skeletal to elastic cummerbund the operator can increase or decrease the real estate and profile of the carrier.

Elasticized, re-enforced and self-adjustable the low-profile Single Strap and Skeletal cummerbund options offer comfortable and silent don & doff capability via a fastex buckle fixed to a Velcro tongue secured under the front flap.

The Velcro tongue has a 2x2 MOLLE panel, The Skeletal cummerbund adds an extra 4x2 MOLLE section to your sides.

The low-profile 2 row design of the Skeletal cummerbund allows correct height adjustment of the front and back plates while eliminating uncomfortable cutting into the arm pits and lateral muscles that is common among other MOLLE & Skeletal cummerbunds.

Setting the Skeletal cummerbund apart from other versions is its ability to be self-adjusted while being worn or on the move via the front draw tensioning strap. Something other Skeletal cummerbunds fail to offer.

The Elastic cummerbund features 4 divided sections, two per side, capable of taking magazines, tourniquets, bandages or small radios securely held in place by Velcro tabs on the bottom. Providing storage space in an extremely low profile format.

The elastic cummerbund can also be used in unison with the Strap or Skeletal cummerbunds allowing the operator to make use of the space provided by both options.

The APC also comes with two different front panels. One features a fixed 3x Shingle that will fit M4 magazines (F88 Magazines will not fit).

The other panel provided is a flat 6x3 MOLLE panel. The MOLLE panel has a user requested centre mount knife sheath sandwich, allowing a fighting knife to be mounted without the need for an external pouch or other mounting solution. Simply add loop Velcro to the front of your sheath and fit into the opening on the front panel.

Another feature built into the front of the carrier is an admin pouch. Accessed from the top via a Velcro flap this pouch features elastic dividers and is large enough to hold a phone or notebook and other common equipment. Eliminating the need to fix an admin pouch to the carrier and freeing up space for other essential equipment.

The APC is capable of internally routing communications cables and other specialist equipment via the admin pouch and slots featured on the side of the carrier. The slots are aligned with the shoulder strap attachment points for ear pieces and rear mounted antennas. The shoulder pads also feature a cable routing hole in the centre, allowing ear pieces to go straight up where they need too. Internally routing these cables reduces bulk, the chance of snagging and the loss of usable real estate that occurs when routing cables externally.

The APC includes the following:
1x Front Cover
1x Rear Cover
2x MOLLE Panel
1x M4 Triple Shingle Panel
2x Shoulder Straps
2x Shoulder Pads
2x Shoulder Routing Straps
1x Skeletal Cummerbund
1x Strap Cummerbund
2x Elastic Cummerbund (S/M & L/XL)
1x Rear Cummerbund Connector
2x Front Cummerbund Connectors

Available to Government agencies is the Extremities/Scalable Armour Package. Adding Neck/Throat, Groin, Side and Shoulder armour to the APC for high threat situations. Contact us for more details.


Brand SORD
Shipping Weight 1.8000kg


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